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Westinghouse Refrigerator Model # RT195K

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:yikes: Help!!!!!!!!  My "frostfree" fridge is all iced up!! The freezer is full of it, front, back and sides,and this morning, there was a huge block of ice on the ceiling of the fridge section! Also there is water dripping into the fridge.  Of course the icicles hanging in the freezer are attractive, but I want em gone! I've emptied the stupid thing, and carted all my food over next door, and stuffed it into my parent's refrigerator and freezer.  I unplugged it so that all the ice could melt, and I'm going to clean the back and bottom of it. Now the question I need a new refrigerator or can you help me?

I have no mechanical ability, (female if you haven't guessed yet) My husband isn't able to help much as he is recovering from a massive stroke. We're on a very limited budget right now, so any help at all would be most appreciated!!



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

After the ice has been removed you will need to see if the heater, or the bi-metal or the defrost timer has failed. Check the heater with an ohm meter and the bi-metal also but it has to be cold to check it, below say around 14 degrees.  If they check good would suspect the defrost timer is not advancing.

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