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SEISCO tankless water heater

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SEISCO tank less water heater :rocketman:

We are using for in floor heat

Not sure where to place this but what’s your take on it? Would like opinion from the costumer and the contractor, I am both and hate it with a passion, one of the bigger pile of junk in my home. Broke 3 times in the 3 years it has been in the new home every winter in the prim of heating last year it was Jan ,this year it is Feb. and -18 temp, it would be a lot of money if I had to hire out to repair it every single time WOW them control board are something, kind of like the Neptune LOL .And it is not used very much just for heating season , not like it is everyday  the whole year. The company really is not very good at taking care of the issue, of having an inferior product. I will never ever recommend this product to anyone of my costumers. I wish we would have know. What is your experience?

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Sorry to hear about your heater problem. I have had the exact opposite than you.

What model are you using? SH-28 or what?

 They have a really long warranty on the heat exchanger and electronics. The warranty is one of the things that made me go with Siesco. They were really helpful when I was trying to figure out which one to buy.

I replaced my 75 gal. electric heater with the Siesco RA-28. It has worked flawlessly for over a year now.  I don't worry about being the last one to shower anymore because there's always hot water there.

I like their heater design. Using a common electric hot water element was a smart idea. If or when one goes bad, you can plop in a 5K from any where until your replacement comes in.

I also like the ease at which you can take the bottom plates off to clean out the sediment in heater tubes. I use well water. There's so much iron in there that you can bend the stream with a magnet :yikes:, so I clean it out once in a while. The only draw back is the electric service requirements...120 Amps! If I wasn't upgrading my service, I don't think I would have gotten one.

I hope you get it worked out. It seems like it would be in there best interest to help you.


Oh...and Coors Light?  I can see why you gave it up...:D

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