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Big Al

Fisher & Paykel Model 920 F1 fault (flood switch)

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It's my first gentle with me...

I inherited someone elses problem when I bought the house...

A small amount of water has puddled under the right front corner of the dishwasher on the floor and the control panel is showing F1 and beeps constantly.  I'm wondering if anyone else out there has had this happen...and if was it rectified. The seals to the cabinet appear intact so I don't know where the water is coming from. Also, the top spray arm has taken to falling off from time to time. I hate the dishwasher and would like to introduce it to the family axe (:poison:)

 The noise from the execution might help drown out the noise the washer makes as it tries in vain to clean the dishes...something it hasn't quite got a grip on yet. Because it's only 3 years old Mother Bear wants me to fix it.

I'm currently :( but would be :) to hear from someone who might point me in the right direction...

I'll go and have a beer now...:dude:



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Hi Al,

those tea towels sure are a drag huh?

F1 fault you describe may well be coming from the rollers for the top basket rail guides. There are four on each side and even if only one is loose it is enough to trigger the float switch.

Solution is to tighten all eight then lay a towel.preferably not one of her best ones, behind the dishwasher and lean it back so the water runs off the base tray. Once upright the dishwasher should run ok.

As regards the top arm coming off...........does it have a cap holding it on?. If not then your F&P centre will have them available. If the whole fitting is coming off the stainless tube you will find a small hole in the top of the plastic fitting that should have a small pin through it to lock it onto the stainless tube. Again your F&P centre will have pins available.

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Thanks, I have the same problem. Hope this fixes it.......

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