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kenmore (frigidaire) 417.43042200 bearing replacement

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Hi all,

does anybody know where i can get the bearings and seal for this unit?

I have read the posts re: this repair and understand that i can get the rear tub,

but if i'm going to take the time to tear the machine down that far, i'd rather take the extra time and save some $$$.  I'm guessing i can find the bearings around here once i have them in my hand to match up, but that leaves me without a new seal.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

thanks for the quick reply.  However,  I don't think i made myself clear,  I found the

rear half of the tub.  I'm looking for just the bearings and seal to repair the one i have.  one of the threads I read showed the bearings and seal, but i can't seam to find the spot again.  also, the thread was 3 years old, so they may not be available.  tearing the machine down is going to be a pain,  the savings over a new machine is borderline after spending $200 on parts and unimaginable amounts on beer to hold my attention.  if i can get just the bearings and seal, i can probably afford the beer required to do the job.  all the appliance parts places i've tried (sears, repairclinic, and the local outfit) carry the rear half of the tub only.  i can probably find bearings (there are several suppliers around here) but i'm not sure i'll be able to re-use the seal.

thanks again


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Don't even think about trying to re-use the old seal, that's the reason you have bad bearings now, the seal failed!!!!!

If you can find those discussion that explain changing the bearings, you should be able to find some links to the seal also, all that have gone this route has gone to local and internet bearings dealers and have found the bearings and seals as stock sized bearings.

You won't find the bearings and seals from Frigidaire, there only fix is to replace the complete rear tub shell with bearing and seal.

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