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ice head

Surprise! IM6 not working

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I have a GE Profile, model 26. I've had it for 1.5 years and has worked like a champ, until about a week ago. I'm not exactly sure when it stopped but I just noticed it.

At any rate here are my symptoms:

- no water flowing to ice cube tray

- green light on, solid. Can turn off/on stays solid.

- water dispenser runs fine, water line pressure is great.

I took the back off the fridge and do notice two power plugs going into the pump that services the water dispenser and the ice line seperately .. not sure what significance that is but I thought it was interesting.

Any tips? Ways to troubleshoot? My ignorant guess is that whatever communicates to the pump to "flow some water in dammit!" is not recognizing that the tray is empty. Total guess, could be a moron for thinking it, please help!!


Ice Head (only a few cubes left)

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More info .... took it out of the freezer, took it apart. I do see frozen water in the tray, not MUCH water, but enough to coat the bottom and to have frozen. I'm going to wait for that to thaw ... but while I have it out, any suggestions on things to look for, test?

Thanks again!

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More info ... found page detailing how to troubleshoot thermistor ... going to buy an ohm meter (don't have one). Will post back results (if bad, I guess I found the problem!)

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