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Getting dryer vent pipe in wall help

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We are remodeling our laundry room and have moved the washer and drier location, all that is left to do is move the dryer venting.

The hole out of the house to vent out from the pipe is just below that floor and maybe 5-7 feet away.

I would rather not lose the 4 inches of space in bringing the vent up through the floor if I can avoid it, I would like to bring it up through the wall and use one of the dryerboxes that recesses in the wall. Then when you hook it up to the dryer it coils back around so you can get closer to the wall without kinking the vent.

The only problem is the space I have to enter up through the wall. I only have maybe 2 1/2" inches to enter into the 2x4 wall from the crawl space below.

To better show this here is a picture of where I need to come up:


That coil protecting the dryer powerline that you can see is on the outside of the drywall, the space I would have to go up the wall would be from the back of that coil minus 1/2" for the drywall. Which only leaves a space of about 2 1/2" to go up. It would go up in a different location but this shows the space I have.

Can I just use regular 4" pipe and bend it into an oval shape to go up? It would only have to be oval shaped to get up in that wall and then into the dryer box, so not very far.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Using the squashed oval to fit in the space will be fine as long as you properly account for its pressure drop in the overall vent length. To account for it, drop an additional 10 feet of equivalent vent length in addition to the equivalent feet reduction for each 90 degree elbow and the type of hood.

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