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Fisher and Paykel DD601 Service Manual

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I am in need of a service manual for a Fisher and Paykel Dishdraw 601.

If you want to know why...... read on .... otherwise, if you are too busy or don't care why I need one, save yourself the time and don't read on.


MY situation.

 I have has a mouse or rat chew thru one of the black air hoses that is used to seal the unit. I have been able to scrounge another unit that wasn't working and was hoping to pinch the hose of it. Firstly, I wouldn't mind know what was exactly wrong with the unit I scrounged, (eg run some diags) so I can keep it for spare parts just in case I need them in the future. Secondly I would also like how to dismantle the system with out breaking various bit and pieces.




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manual sent

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