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I have read all topics relating to my fridge, still need some help

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> I have read everything in the forum relating to refrigerators. I did what

> you said to test defrost problems. I did the turn the timer thing and heard

> sizzles and seen orange. So ordered a timer and installed. It was working

> great and just when I trusted it and went shopping a week later to resupply,

> I left for 2 days to come home to soggy ice cream. The ice maker melted and

> coil was frosted up again. So I turned the defrost timer to click to see if

> it would solve problem. Got up in the morning and the coil is still froze.

> My model number is SMD22TBW, and made by Amana. Looks as if it has a caldrod

> heater, but not sure. So I ordered a thermostat. Took the back panel off and defrosted

> with a hair dryer and seems to be cooling again, but I know it is just a

> matter of time. If I let it totally defrost on it's own it will work for

> awhile and do it again.First time a year, then a month and now every few days.  Am I on the right track? Yesterday, I took my air compressor and blew everything out from underneath and around everything. Also took off the drain tube and checked for clogs, after putting hot salt water down it. Anything else I should be doing?

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There was a tech bulletin out a while ago on the defrost thermostats in these fridges, intermittent operation. They get water in 'em and act squirrelly. Inexpensive part, replace it and you'll be good to go, budrow.

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Is this item hard to replace? I put in the timer, unplug, plug in. I have read somewhere about bare wires, lookes like they unplug and plug. What do I need to put it in? I am a single mom, with two kids and laid off of work, so trying to fix this myself. I can't afford a new fridge and am trying hard to repair the one we got. You don't know how much I appreciate your website and all your help. I couldn't imagine what I would have done without you. Thanks again!

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[user=2583]littlebit412[/user] wrote:

Is this item hard to replace?

Piece of pie, comrade! According to TAAMI, this repair rates a single mug on the SUDs-o-meter. Buy the kit that I linked you to in my previous post and it's a drop-in replacement-- just copy the existing wiring.

Unplug the fridge before commencing surgery.

Have fun!

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