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Dacor model ERD36

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I have a Dacor Model ERD36 Epicure Range. I spilled some water on the cooking surface and the convection fan came on and cycled on and off for several minutes then stopped. The next day I was not able to open the oven door. I pressed the "cancel/secure" button several times and still the door wouldn't open. No code problem appeared on its display panel. I also tried killing the power to the range in the hope it would reset, this didn't work either. Any suggestions out there?


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

It's probably a ERC but to confirm, you can do the ERC quick test:

Have a 2nd person at the circuit breaker turn off power. You press and hold the cooktime keypad. The other person turns the breaker back on. The display will show the 4-character ID code of the ERC (e.g., 1180). You have 30 seconds between each test.

Press and hold these keys on sequence:

convection bake

standard bake

pure convection


convection broil

timer 2 (momentary push only)

stop time


Finally, we arrive at the test we want:

Open the door, push and hold cook time for 10 seconds. Self clean latch motor will activate. Door latch will complete a cycle. The test will end the ERC will display the time of day.

Complete this test within 30 seconds or you'll get an F0 code (stuck keypad).

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Thank you for your help. Our stove didn't have all of the buttons you listed for us to push, however, we did try the sequence with the buttons we did have and on the third or forth try the oven door latch opened!! Hopefully the problem is cured. Again, thank you.


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