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Costa Mesa

Frigidaire F/L Washer Motor - We'll Call Him 'Sparky'

2 posts in this topic silly question for the team.  Washer is a Frigidaire FWT449GFS2 and is about six years old.  Can't find the owner's manual but I doubt the answer would be in there considering how unwilling their customer service people were to do their job.

During all of the troubleshooting, I noticed something odd with the main motor.  Namely, that the motor will emit sparks during the highest speed spin cycle.  There's quite a plasma cloud between the armature and the brushes during that cycle only, and it starts shooting sparks that look to be ferrous material from the color after a bit of time in full spin.  The smell of ozone is quite clear also about then...not a big surprise.

I tried to figure out a way to adjust the brushes but it doesn't appear possible.  Am I simply having a blond moment or is the motor truly non-serviceable like most stuff nowadays?  OTOH, is this normal and to be expected?

Something tells me this motor ain't long for the world if I let this go on - and my house might not be too!  :yikes:

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Theorectically, you can clean and/or replace the brushes on a DC motor but I've never done it on this particular one.  Is it making a grinding or growling sound?  If so, that's a sure sign the brushes need to be serviced.  You may have no option but to replace the motor

Say it with me, "Thank you, Friggidaire."  :birdeye:

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