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Fisher & Paykel Washer (GWL11) doesn't drain

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I've read the several posts on this problem in this machine, and I think I've got a twist.  The facts:

Error code #37, blocked pump--cleaned tub, pump, tube from pump to diverter, and fished a line through the drain tube... all clear.

Pump works great putting water back into tub (used diagnostic mode to turn on pump).  Sears guy paid a visit and confirmed my guess--said it was the diverter valve.

Ordered a diverter valve, days go by with a baby, a toddler, two dogs, etc.  Part arrives, I replace the old one, and the problem is the same.

Measured voltage across diverter (checked at the control module), and got 124 VAC whether diverter is on or off (in diagnostic mode).

I don't have the service manual, so that last check was grasping at straws.  Do I need to replace the motor control unit?

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a few lines from the Service Manual ...

[align=left]Diverter Valve Resistances 0.7K to 2.5K[/align]

Diverter Valve: Approx 100 V AC when on, across the terminals, not strictly AC, rectified mains. Fluke meters read approx 100 V AC or 220 V DC (rms) depending on meter.

Turn the power off at the machine but leave the power on at the wall, then measure the voltage across the terminals of the wax actuator, if a reading of 120V is achieved the motor controller has failed due to the valve and both will need to be replaced.

service manual links PM'd

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[user=4554]applianceman18007260692[/user] wrote:

Nice FP page, applianceman. Just one thang: the drain pump you show on that page is from an FP dishdrawer, not the washer. I don't have a photo of one, but here's a diagram you can add to your collection:


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