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Bosch dryer WTMC3300US/01

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After a load or two my dryer refuses to restart.  The start/stop light is on like it should be, although the lint light blinks relentlessly (I've cleaned it out front and back, and even wiped down the lint sensor, so I don't think that's the problem).  It will almost always start up after an overnight rest, and it never stops mid-cycle. It's never given me an error code.

I have the svce manual (domo arigato sensei).  When I ran the test program this a.m. it showed no error codes.  However now that the dryer isn't working, I can't even get into the test mode.  It's as if the start/stop button is not working.

Any ideas on how to diagnose if I can't use the test programs?  Do I order a pricey control module and hope it's the right answer?

I'm about to take off the fascia to see what I can see...and I will keep the beer can far away from the innards...

Please, help needed!  Domo.

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Check all the connections well

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