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PLRU1777DSO Frigidaire

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Greetings all!

The General Manager where I work just called with a problem- his personal frige is warm!

I am unfamiliar with this particular unit, so any service manuals or tech sheets would be welcome. I am going to go by there tonight after work, and would like any extra knowledge that is out there.

Domo Arigato!



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Ah... back home, GM's frige has gone from 66* to 43 in 1 1/2 hrs...and it is jam packed with stuff, most spoiling/spoiled.


@ RegUS_PatOff- Thanks again. I was rushed, late, out of the office and had only time to type the quick thanks. The parts list was valuable for giving me a rough idea of what I was looking at, and the GM was impressed. The wiring diagram told me that it was a simple system, and no need to sweat the control board, temp sensors, etc... there are none. Nice ol' manual defrost timer- easy to test, handy to shut down the compressor and test the defrost heater.

Turned out to be low on freon. I had everything with me, put a few ounces in until it stabilized at 12psi on the low side. This is my 'by guess and by gosh' for friges, and seems to work well. Any input is welcome on that! Saw a few soldered joints that had corrosion on them, may come back and clean well and epoxy. We will see how long the charge holds...... 

Thanks again. $5 going to the samurai beer fund, do you have a preferred reward for helping a Warrior Appliantologist? PM me if so.

THANKS AGAIN!!:bananadance:

"PLRU1777DSO / PLRU1777DS0 "  The model # was givin to me from the GM, as he got it read from his wife over the phone. I had no way to verify until I was there. Crisis mode...


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