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Dont Like Warm Beer!

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Beer started getting warm in my SxS Matag over the weekend.  Freezer is keeping the ice cream cold though.  No cold air coming in the vents on the beer side.  I decided to become quite redneck and put my garadge fridge on my deck so that I can still have cold beer.  (Man has to get his priorities straght ya see).  I unplugged and opened the doors so that I could form a new lake in my kitchen (I succeeded)  I found your site about 2am and after a lot of deductive reasoning (Reading through all of the other answers) I came to the conclusion that it was one of three things.

1. Temperature Control Thermostat

2. ADC Board

3. Defrost Heater and Thermostat.

Anyway I plugged it in the nex day and got the temp down to 40 on the beer side.  Finally got some cold air flowing in which kind of rules out the Temp Control Thermostat.  (I hope)

Which leads me to my delimma.  Should I just go ahead and replace the ADC and the Defroster while i've got it dissambled, or go ahead and test them out and see which one is bad?

Thanks in advance 

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You can easily tell of the defrost system has failed by getting some eyeballs on the evaporator coils. They're in the freezer behind the back wall on the inside-- some disassembly required. If the coils are all iced up, them there's a defrost system failure-- on this fridge, it's usually a bad ADC board:


If, OTOH, the coils look OK, then check the return air vent:


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