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Kenmore HE2 Model 11047532601 F28 error

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I have a Kenmore HE 2 Front Loading Washer, model #11047532601 (purchased new September 2006).

Yesterday it stopped in the middle of a load and gave error code F28.  

I powered off and re-ran, and got same error.  I performed the starting service history mode & diagnostic test (push button 4 seconds, release 4 seconds, push 4 seconds....).

Error codes were F28 (serial communications error), and F21 (long drain).

I removed the front bottom access panel & cleaned out pump motor filter

(loose change, broken pens, etc).   I discovered a piece of fabric had gotten past the filter and jammed into the pump itself. I removed and cleaned the pump assembly and main hose (with ball valve), and verified (by blowing through it) the drain hose was clear of obstructions. Measured resistance across pins 1 & 2 of pump motor varies from 12.0 - 12.5 ohms.

After reassembly, I ran both the "Clean Washer" and "Rinse/Drain & Spin" cycles successfully.  Washer seemed to work & drain just fine.

I reloaded the laundry and ran a normal cycle.  Again, Error F28.  

Now when I check the service history I only get F28.  F21 is no londer being reported.

I reset the load, double-checked the drain filter (clean) and ran a "Rinse/Drain & Spin" cycle successfully.


This "cycle" repeats every time.  A normal load will throw error F28, and a subsequent "Rinse/Drain & Spin" will sometimes fail (F28), and sometimes succeed.

I've tried to do the Diagnostic test (by following the instructions in the "Technician Only" booklet #W10071740), and I'm fairly certain that it is not working.  Meaning, I do what it says, and the machine does nothing.

I've inspected the wires / connections, and they all appear clean and tight.

The machine is out of warranty.  Any ideas?  

Do I call Sears and have a technician sent out, or do I just take a gamble that it is a bad Control Unit and replace it?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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[user=66347]spanky762[/user] wrote:

.. W10071740...

that is the correct Tech Sheet ..


[align=left]... service diagnostic module contains two entry modes ...[/align]

[align=left]Starting Diagnostic Test and bypassing the Service History Mode:[/align]

[align=left]on PDF page 5 [/align]

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I just picked up a Whirlpool Duet Sport, (which is the same machine as the Kenmore He2), at the scrapyard.

The info was control board issues: F28 errors.

This is the first of these washers that I've had any experience with and remembered reading somewhere on this board that the front and rear access cover ground switches have to be bypassed or taped shut when you have the panels off for testing, I really had a hard time believing this but have now actually found this to be  definitely true.

When doing the initial test the machine was sitting on a concrete walkway and I was only doing the drain/spin cycle for some quick test and after bypassing the front grounding switch since that panel was off I ran it and it ran fine thru a couple of drain/spin cycles without getting the F28 error so thought whoever had it and tested didn't know this and it was all ok.

The next time I went to work on it, I put a cardboard sheet under the washer before setting it in place so I could check for any leaks.  Plugged it in and tested and kept getting the F28 error again.

The extension cord that I was using to power the machine had the ground plug broken off of it and when the machine was sitting directly on the concrete, (the feet are missing), it must have been grounding directly to earth.   Replaced the extension cord with one with the ground intact and machine has gone thru all cycles at least once without F28 error coming back again.

After having it working fine with the grounded extension cord I disconnected the ground wire right at the power cord where it connects to the line filter and immediately got the F28 error again, reattached ground and all worked again.

So long story short, make sure you have all the access panels on and that all the ground switches, (one in front and one in back), are working correctly and that your ground is good at the wall socket, check the grounding wire from each ground switch to the motor/motor control board/rear pulley hub area and heater if yours has a heater.

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Great post! Thank you for the insight. Always back to basics. Now if I could only find a way to quickly test the off balance circuit on a neptune stacker.

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:D Nailed it. I had not noticed the microswitch, and had been doing all of my "test" loads with the front access panel removed. Once I replaced the panel, the F28 error vanished. Have done 5 loads since replacing the panel, and so far no problems whatsoever.

Thanks for the help on this, you saved me a bundle!


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