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Need Manual: Amana 25 SXD25JBL Refrigerator

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The manual should help with the following, but I'll mention:

Specifically, I'm trying to replace the controller and can't tell how to get the housing out of the way without breaking it. (It's a side by side with the two-knobbed control housing at the upper left of the frig--which is on the right side.) I see plastic tabs at the bottom of the housing that reach through holes in the back of the interior wall, but can't figure out how to get them loose; pulling the unit out etc. would be a major pain here. Also can't tell how to get the thermostat wire out of its plastic tube running into the freezer. Will ask at the parts place Friday but will also cross post this (hoping that's okay) on the thread with which I began.

Thanks, Samurai and followers. This is a great site and I've been spreading the news to friends. As I hope to pick up the magic part tomorrow in Denver (rather than wait the weekend for part by mail), I will donate extra beer money once I git'er done.

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see PDF page 61

Freezer Temperature Control (Nonelectronic Models)

1. Remove control knobs.

2. Loosen brace on bottom left of cover to allow cover to be rotated forward.

3. Pull bottom of cover out until it unsnaps.

Continue tilting cover out until top tabs release and remove cover.

4. Remove two control mounting screws.

5. Remove sealer from control capillary well.

NOTE: Replace sealer during reassembly.

6. Pull control out of bracket.

7. Disconnect wiring from rear of control.

8. Remove capillary from well and remove control.

similar model:

Service Manual RS1300003 Side-by-Side S Model Refrigerators

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