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Bosch Dishwasher

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Hi. I have a Bosch Dishwasher:

M# SHX46B02UC /14

S# FD8303 00158

The only thing it wants to do is run its drain pump. The "Regular Wash" light is on because that was the last cycle that ran. It is stuck with it on running its drain pump. If I turn the dishwasher off using its Master ON/OFF switch it will stop altogether but the moment I turn it back on it starts running it drain pump and won't respond to any input.

I do know that when an ASKO DW does this it is an indication that there is water in its baseplate and the anti-flood switch is tripped. It will run its drain pump just like the Bosch but the only difference is you can't get it to quit even if you turn it off using its Master ON/Off switch the only way to get it to stop is to disconnect the power line.

That is what confused me because that is where the Bosch's behaviour differs from the ASKO. I don't know enough about the Bosch to know whether they also have anti flood switches in their machine compartment below the tub.

One more thing where on these BOSCH's do they keep the wiring diagrams? I looked all inside the door. Nothing. This is another reason I couldn't tell if it has an anti flood switch.

thank you to anyone who dares.

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first off,bosch does not put diagrams in their units(available through their website),they have german symbols which requires a legend to read.  secondly,to initiate a different cycle,you need to press one of the other cycle buttons twice, and finally,if the drain pump runs,it is a sign that the float switch in the base of the machine has been activated and will continue until water has been removed. possible leaks are from water inlet valve(front left corner) and otherwise, the water inlet to the tub,a broken drain hose,or a leaking face seal in the circulation motor. all of these things require the unit to be removed from the cabinet to access(other than water valve).once out,you can soak water from base with towels, rough connect it while out,and locate the source of the leak.

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[user=637]kdog[/user] wrote:

first off,bosch does not put diagrams in their units(available through their website)

Kdog, they are folded into an itty-bitty package and tucked into one of the grooves in the plastic drain pan. You almost have to pull it out to find it. The white paper of the schematic blends in nicely with the white of the plastic drain pan.

And, yes, the diagram symbols are odd and not user-friendly at all.

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