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MDE2400AYW "3E" error Again

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I fully read the other string on the 3E error for my washer (see subject line).

My issue is one shared by many I'm sure.  I can't pull my washer/dryer stackable out of the narrow wall closet it is in (24"). with very little hallway space in front of it (just enough to pull it out into the bathroom hallway (and then two people would have to turn it around.  Yet, I'm not even sure where the moter is from there.  I remember that the Sears guy (long time ago) had a very hard time gettting to the main washer parts.  The dryer had to be taken off the top first.

I also don't have a meter to test the "overcurrent" issue even if I found the moter area.

So, until I can get a couple people to pull it out from the closet, I can't really try to figure out how to fix it.

1.  Has anyone ever had any luck in pulling out one of these stackables by themselves (using an inexpensive dolly)?...and then how do you get the dryer off the top?

2. Also, are the meters inexpensive?  Where is the moter or the circuits?

3  This washer has broken 4 times in the last 4 years (because a single coin will fall down into the washer pump and spin the roter off).  I always check pockets because I rarely have change in a pocket..but then it seems to happen once a year.  Should I get rid of it?  This is the first time for the 3E error.

4. If so, what should I buy that is 24" wide (that will fit a condo washer/dryer closet space)?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!


I read the manuals and know that I would have to get the "top" of the washer off to get to the control panel off.

So, that will be a long time until I can get the stack out of it's closet.

So, no need to reply to how to get to the control panel itself.

I just need to figure out how to "talk" to a repair guy so he won't give me the runaround (Orange County Sears guys).



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that's the Dryer model number ....


for purchase reference:

lots of choices/selections

some can select "multiple" choice boxes

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Have the  same error code. Replaced the control panel same results. Searched the web. Found a "Whirlpool Master Tech that says that code indicated a bad thermister so I'll order one up and see.

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... Have the  same error code.

depends on Washer model number..

OP didn't post his correct model number ..

You should start a new Topic (with your model number) so as not to confuse readers ..

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