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LG 21760st

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Have replaced the heater defrost assembly. Still freezes up. Waiting for a new conductor as I didn't know the old one could be blown (open) Is this the problem? Don't know what else to do!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

[user=70616]Bratton[/user] wrote:

Have replaced the heater defrost assembly....

was it bad ?

is the Fuse good ?

did you do any electrical tests ?



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I am assuming the heater defrost assembly is working as all runs normally for a few days.

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As detailed as possible--explain the original problem that you were having with the refrigerator.

Any error message displayed?

Refrigerator too warm but freezer somewhat okay?

Icemaker stopped functioning?

Heavy frost accumulation on *everything* inside the freezer,etc.


Post the SERIAL NUMBER* (located in the fresh food compartment on the side wall)

Also---check the MODEL NUMBER again. There are two add'l letters at the end of the number---some have additional numbers as well (such as: 01---02---03 etc)

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Okay--got your pm.

LG Refrigerator

Model: LFC25760ST

Serial: 608KREL01412

Symptom: Food compartment too warm / Freezer "okay"

                 Also showing an error:  "er/dh"

A few things to consider...

Try replacing the CONTROLLER ASSY (6615JB2005H) which is next to the *evaporator coils* in the freezer.

This is most likely the cause of the *er/dh* error (since you've already replaced the DEFROST HEATING ELEMENT).

If this fails to resolve it---the MAIN BOARD may be at fault.

If you haven't had the *ENERGY UPGRADE" performed yet---this would be a good time to have it done. This involves replacing the MAIN BOARD and the addition of small foam insulation strips at the top of both doors. Free of charge.

Having this "upgrade" also eliminates another known problem in your model refrigerator (by serial number info)---and that would be---potential lightbulb relay failure on the MAIN BOARD. Your model was built in August 2006.

To qualify for this free upgrade, visit:


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