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drop-down boxes are "open" and can't be closed

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The page loads correctly for me in both Safari and Google Chrome.

What browser are you using?

Clear your cache and reload the page.

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was using I.E. 7

(works OK in FireFox)

in I.E,

I tried clearing

Temporary Internet Files



Form Data

still happens (and I can't close those drop-down boxes)

works OK on another computer using I.E 8

another computer I.E. 6

displays the "open" drop-down box info at top of screen, above the "now readable" info

ALSO, on all (IE and FireFox)

the "Username or email" box is full of ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●

Edited by RegUS_PatOff

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IE7 is a known roach hotel with many bugs. You shouldn't use. Really, no one should be using any version of IE because of security risks. Much better free alternatives are available: Firefox, as you mentioned, and Google Chrome.

The dots are a browser function, not the web page. Somewhere, you enabled the options to remember your password info and to autofill forms. Not sure of the particulars of setting those in the browsers you listed.

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