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Samsung 419AAW front-load washer not draining

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Bought a new washer-dryer set with a 5-year service plan. It's THREE weeks old. Showing a nd code (not draining, according to the use and care manual). I've removed the filter and drained a tiny bit of water from filter tube, as manual instructs. Expected a whole lot more water. When I rinsed off the filter attached to the plastic screw cap, it was very oily, like the lubricant that comes on new cars. Not a bit of lint in the filter, just the grease.

I will tell you that the first time we tried to wash a load, it did not fill well, and the close tumbled as they were still mostly dry. So, we stopped, and started all over again, and this time we got enough water and clothes cleaned great. Is it normal to need a 'prime' cycle to get enough water into the machine? Only washed a few loads before this nd code. Of course, stopping, turning it off and on and trying again, and cleaning the filter did nothing.

Called BestBuy. They scheduled an appointment in five days. Appliance repair service left us a message that they didn't service Samsung any more, and were informing BB. Called BB, to be told they had no one else, and they''d call me withing four business hours (tomorrow) to let me know what they would do. Heard nothing. Called late next afternoon, to find out they'd turned it over to manufacturer, gave me a ticket number, and said if I didn't hear anything tomorrow, call Samsung and give them number.

I called Samsung next day. Water is now yucky and smelly in unusable washer. Samsung asks me to hold while they research. Turns out they are trying to find someone to service this, and will call me back in two business days (by now, it's Friday). So I get to wait until TUESDAY afternoon, at which time, if they find someone, they will schedule me an appointment within five business days.

What is it with people not wanting to service Samsung? I know people who have had these for years and love them. All of us in 1940s era houses need the balance of these machines because our first floors are off-grade wood construction, and Samsung doesn't rock the entire house! There are a ton of them in old Savannah, what with all the historic homes and no basements, and the people I know have not had one problem. Guess I'm just special.

I guess I need to fix this myself. Will I void the warranty? I've requested a repair manual from the Samurai. Or should I demand this be taken back and replaced, possibly with another brand? I'm concerned about the grease in the filter, as that makes me wonder about a quality control problem. I've told BestBuy and Samsung, in every conversation, that this purchase was totally dependent on the service contract.

So, do you have any insight or suggestions for me? My previous Neptune Stack lasted nearly 13 years. Dryer still works, and if I didn't have a broken hand, I'd have replaced bearings/tub and kept it going. Will do that later and send it off to college with daughter next year. And that unit was supposed to be a turkey!

Forgive my many typos--not easy to type when your dominant hand is broken!


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Unplug washer.

Remove the rear access panel

The DRAIN PUMP ASSY is centrally-located under the tub.

Remove the soft drain hose which routes from the drain pump to an ELBOW. This elbow is white & has a 90 degree turn.

The major dilemma here is how to prevent water from the tub from *flooding* all over the floor.

This is best done using *pinch-off* pliers---similar to Radiator Hose Pinch Off Pliers sold at Auto Supply stores.

Once the hose has been disconnected from the ELBOW---use your finger to feel for an obstruction inside the ELBOW (usually a quarter-coin).

This can be removed using needle-nosed pliers.

Re-assemble & test washer.


<<<I will tell you that the first time we tried to wash a load, it did not fill well, and the close tumbled as they were still mostly dry.>>>


The washer *automatically* determines the amount of water needed to clean laundry by measuring dry weight of the laundry & then somewhat wet weight (water enters in a staggered pattern).

Avoid stainless steel water fill hoses designed(in theory) to prevent flooding if the hose were to burst. These hoses are "after-market" and are sold as FLOOD CHECK or FLOOD SAFE hoses. They are known to frequently malfunction. Use only the factory stock fill hoses.

Use only "HE" type detergent but DISREGARD the dosage instructions completely.

Use the following amounts (with religious conviction):

HE: (2) Tablespoons Per Load

HE 2X (double-concentrated): (1) Tablespoon

HE 3X (triple-concentrated): (1) Teaspoon


<<<What is it with people not wanting to service Samsung?>>>


Your guess is as good as mine.


<<<I guess I need to fix this myself. Will I void the warranty?>>>


No. Just don't volunteer any information to that effect. "Mum's-the-word".

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Thanks, John. I NEVER put as much soap in the washer as the instructions say, and I always use HE. I have a 2tbs measure that I use. Thanks for the special instructions as to correct amounts.

Any guesses on why the machine require two tries to get the water in? It's odd that there wasn't enough the first time, even with your explanation. Should there be an adjustment made?

Oh, and we're only using the provided hoses from the installer. The man who built our house made provisions for flooding by raising up the washer platform on a slanted enclosed porch. Any flooding will go through a grate in the floor. Can't beat 1940s ingenuity! We've got huge studs and beams in this old house that can't be found anymore, and this house has survived numerous hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.

Thanks, again.

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<<<Any guesses on why the machine require two tries to get the water in?>>>


Suds in the WATER LEVEL SENSOR *tube*.


<<<Should there be an adjustment made?>>>




<<<Can't beat 1940s ingenuity!>>>



Another symptom that occurs from over-use of detergent is...

"The washer is stuck on 7 minutes remaining for a long time before it finally ends the cycle & sometimes the clothes are wet".

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