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Whirlpool Oven rbd306pdb14

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I am new to this forum. A retired northerner [Michigan] moved South [south Carolina]. Being a owner for many years I have developed many DIY skills in many area of household and yard repair. Appliance repair is new to me. I am developing a skill from the ground up. It is amazing how DIY repairs overlap each other so some things make sense when working on a new , never tried, area such as appliances.

This is the appliance in Question::

Appliance: Whirlpool Double Oven

Model # RDB306PDB14

Serial # XR3010178

Location: Built in to the wall


This last week we have had house guests and the oven was used very frequently. I was brought into the picture when the oven door would not open and the display said “HOT”. Apparently, this stopped and the oven door was able to be opened. I thought that was it; problem solved itself.

The Problem:

The next day, however, I was again notified that the “oven was not working” Here is what I noticed;

1. Display was blank

2. Oven did not respond to the individual pads.

3. Oven did not heat up

4. Touching the pads emitted a beep [which is normal when touching to turn on oven]

5. The one variance was the “Start “ pad. When touched, a short beep and a long beep and several [three I think] short beeps.

I removed the strips along the side of the oven and the screws for the display panel. I could only pull it a couple of inches away from the oven. I could “peek” inside but little else.

On line, I discovered that my same problem happened to many others and that Whirlpool was little help, They just wanted to send out a repairman. Anyway, it seems that this might be a control board [or panel], or it may be that the “Shutdown Thermal fuse may have shutdown the whole oven including the display as well as the heating element.

I saw your site and it seemed an excellent way to go. I registered and browsed for what seems like hours on other posts and some elementary FAQs. In fact, I have information overload.

Si, I am starting my own thread to see if y’all will come to my rescue.

Right now I am trying to get access to my oven for testing. Also I have no idea as to how to test the CP [board] or the thermal shutdown fuse, plus I am sure that there are more little goodies in there that might be the culprit.

Thank you for your nice site and for any pearls of wisdom that you would share with me.


Paul R. Gesche

PS I would like to know how to download pictures. Thank you

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Appliance in Question:

Whirlpool Double Oven

Model # RBD306PDB14

Serial Number: XR3010178

Oven is dead. Display is blank. No heat. Touch Pads beep normally except the "Start" pad which gives off a series of beeps. Oven Light works OK. I hate to say any more because I believe on my first post I gave to much information. Will be glad to answer any question and give more details in reply to posts


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This was the first appliance forum I registered at. From the administrator, it seem to me that I would get some great replies to my question. I thought this forum especially elite as y'all actually charge for all but two topics. Anyway, not hearing from one person [had 23 replies], I checked out other forums that where learned quite a bit about my problem and part numbers and step by step on removing my control board.

If anyone out there has the same or similar problem as I had, please post and I will be happy to help if I can. In any event, I will respond, if I see your thread.

I am sure that this is a great forum and that I just fell through the cracks, so to speak. I look forward to seeing your posts on the kitchen and/or bathroom forum [the two I am allowed to access.


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.. and that I just fell through the cracks, so to speak.

yes, just migrated to a new server w/ new forum software about that time ...

also original posted model number

Model # RDB306PDB14


should be


sounds like a bad Controller ..

If a Thermal device was bad, the Controller wouldn't have power, and thus wouldn't "beep"




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