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Kenmore 417.44072300 Fills but wont Start

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I have a Kenmore 417.44072300 that fills but wont start. It will also empty the water out if you stop it then force it to a "Drain and Spin". Of course it wont do the spin part. I have no doubt that the speed control unit is shot. The clue was when I found a part (large disc capacitor looking thing) had heated up and fell out of the circuit board. There is also 1 capacitor (small electrolytic) thats blown (top is domed up) and another large electrolytic that looks compromised.

I went through the "Motor Wont Run" List and here is what I found.

1. Yes pump runs.

2. No motor wont run. Connection at the door switch look OK.

3. Check 5to6 on six pin plug = 120 VAC

4. Check 10 pin plug pins 1,2,6,10. 1=11.8 VAC, 2,6,10=0. Further check at 7 pin connector on control panel is the same. I guess the follow up check at 7 pin connector is to make sure the harness isn't bad.

5. Fuse is OK on speed control.

6. Check 1-2, 2-3, and 3-1. None of the resistances were 3 Meg ohms.

7. Resistance check to motor was OK.

I'm concerned about buying a speed control board since check #4 didn't give 120 vac where it should have. In my mind this points to a Control panel problem. I open the control panel up and no smoking gun was there. Are my concerns about the control panel founded?? I also have a broken shock so I'm concerned about a broken spider frame on the drum assembly that I've read about. I'm not so sure that putting $250 into a $700 washer is wise.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Check 10 pin plug pins 1,2,6,10. 1=11.8 VAC, 2,6,10=0.

... and you have Set the timer to the start of the heavy wash cycle. ?

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That is correct, as well as the Heavy Soil/Stain deactivated. Per the instructions.

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