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Tim M

Maytag MAH2400AWW Washer

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Maytag washer doesn't advance through cycles. Runs for a few minutes and just stops, but no error codes.

Pulled up diagnostic codes:

10 Unbalanced

18 Door not locked when expected

3 No fill (they probably forgot to turn the water on.

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OK. I think I figured it out as a bad control board.

. The diagnostic codes obviously had nothing to do with it. I ran some tests, but lost my internet connection and was getting a mild headache from the wireless anyway. Here's what I found:

. From the techsheet 16027174, I entered service mode and performed a few tests:

Ran the Quick Service Cycle:

. Noticed that it hung up partway through the cycle just as it did on real cycles. Then after running a few other tests and reading other posts both here and elsewhere, I got clued into what it was doing and how it was rotating. After several attempts I noticed that it was hanging up after it's first five second clockwise rotation. Here is what it is supposed to do:

Turn ‘ON’ Hot and Cold valves until the control detects proper water level. During this time, tumble at 45 rpm for 5 seconds in a clockwise direction, pause for 2 seconds, tumble at 45 rpm for 5 seconds in a counterclockwise direction, pause for 2 seconds. Continue pattern until the water level is detected. Minimum time for this segment to be 5 seconds. After water height is achieved, continue tumble pattern for another 14 seconds. If the washer is equipped, turn ‘ON’ heater for first 5 seconds of this tumble pattern. Advance the washer to next step if water is not connected to machine.

. OK so here it ran clockwise for 5 seconds, and that was it. AND, and, and! it hung out for a while and eventually showed a "pA" for passed the test, even though it didn't. Similarly, in a real, non-service mode, cycle, it didn't bring up any diagnostic codes because it didn't know anything was wrong. So in other posts such as this one:

and two from other research I can't call up now. All seemed to point to failure of a counter-clockwise rotation and hanging partway through the cycle as control board. On fellow even hooked up his motor backwards and had the opposite problem of failure of the clockwise rotation.

Quick Spin and Board Output Tests:

. So in the process of figuring out the above and to verify. I ran some other tests. Quick Spin Test wouldn't initiate. Board Output Test everything worked. The motor worked on it's test, which ran only clockwise, presumably. Then below the Board Output Chart I noticed this note:

*Note: Function may not occur for up to 20 seconds. The “Delay Start” LED is ‘ON’. When activated, the machine will tumble for 5 seconds in the CW direction, pause for 2 seconds, tumble in the CCW direction for 5 seconds, pause for 2 seconds; repeating this pattern until the Delay Start button is pressed again. All tumble speeds are 45 rpm.

. How does that grab you? Again it showed a 5 second clockwise spin, and then a 5 or 7 second pause followed by another 5 second clockwise spin. It was blanking out on the counter-clockwise spin. It didn't seem to throw it for a loop in this test, as it did in the Quick Service Cycle and real wash cycles, but it still wouldn't spin counter-clockwise.

. What a lot of electronic nonsense to wash clothes. Give me a Staber any day! Sell me one, even.

. Anyway, at this point it is worth it to try out the control board without ripping the machine apart. I'll post what happens, and if we find out it is the control board, it will identify this as a known weak point. And remind us all to buy machines with simple controls and no circuit boards.

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.   I never closed out this topic, and I wanted to finish off the post since I'd put so much detail into it already.  Also, when my father passed away a few months ago, I remembered that he had loaned me his copy of The Four Seasons; Japanese Haiku Second Series, and that I written a Haiku about this diagnosis


.  The control board did fix it.  It may have been this post that clued me into focusing on whether it had a CCW counterclockwise rotation.


.   I haven't been able to find my original Haiku on this, but as well as I can remember the diagnosis went something like this:


Maytag Front Loader

Won't rotate counterclockwise

Buy new motherboard.


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Thanks for closing out the topic and heart goes out to you concerning the passing of your father

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.    A donation to the Keeping Going Fund, which for those of you who have missed it, is found through the link labeled "Beer".


.   Hey! wait a second.  Why is this guy donating when no one even answered his question?  That someone even keeps this forum going was immensely helpful to me.  No one else on the web even pointed me in the right direction.  This place did.  The answer was within this Web site, even if I didn't receive a reply.  It enabled me to find my own answer.  That's worth something.  Yes, the forum answers that saved me from replacing the wrong part today on a different repair got a much larger donation, but this one still gets 5 bucks.


Appliance question

Valuable knowledge gained

Donate to Web site 

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