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Whirlpool LHW0050PQ4 washer won't run

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Above referenced machine is in a closet in our RV so if I can figure this out without pulling the machine out I'll so happy. ( That would mean pulling out the dryer as well)

Put in a load, walked away. Came back and the wash button was still on. and the power button was blinking but nothing happenening.

Turned it off, waited a few minutes, turned it to stop, pulled the breaker, waited a little bit and put it on spin .

The light panel went on at wash, tried to tumble a couple times then just didn't do anything, then a repeat of above.

Thought maybe the load was unbalanced, so per the operator manual I added a couple towels to help balance the very small load. Nope, NADA nothing.

When the machine was only a year old it did the same type of thing when I tried to wash a couple rugs, went thru the entire cycle but got off balance on the spin....I went thru the steps above and it worked.

We have drained the water out thru the lint valve.

Does anyone know how to run the diagnostics and what the codes mean? That will help us get started on figuring this out.

It worked just fine up until today.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Whirlpool LWHoo50PQ4

. . . .maybe LHW0050PQ4

RUN AWAY ! soapbox.gif

made by Antonio Merloni for Asko and Eurotech and Whirlpool

from the LHW0050PQ Service Manual:


Start Conditions

• Set the Program Selector knob at the 6 o’clock position.

• Set the Spin Speed Selector knob at the 9 o’clock position.

• Press and hold the Pre Wash button and press the POWER button.

The five LEDs will light.

What The Tests Will Check

• The temperature thermistor.

• The Off position of the pressure switch (with no water in the tub).

• The door lock switch.

NOTE: If each test is positive, the top LED will turn off.

The luminous Pre Wash and Extra Rinse buttons will change their status

from On (lit) to Off (unlit) each time they are pressed.

The START button will only be lit while it is being pressed.

Continue to the “Diagnostic Tests” on the following page.

Test #4

This procedure tests the operation of the drain pump, spin motor, and the rinse detergent dispenser wax motor.

The top four LEDs are deactivated.

- The drain pump is activated, and spin runs at the preset speed.

- The rinse detergent dispenser wax motor is ON, and water enters the softener compartment.

The motor does not turn properly during a wash and/or spin

Place the control unit in the test mode (see page 6-2), and move the program knob to the Test 4 position.

Wait for the LEDs to light up, and then test the motor.

If the motor does not run properly:

- Disconnect the motor from the wiring terminal board.

- Use a tester to check the continuity at the ends of the wires connecting the wiring terminal board

to the control unit and check that the connectors are not damaged or dirty.

- Replace the control unit with one known to be in working order and check that the motor runs.

If the motor runs replace the control unit, otherwise replace the motor.

For manuals and lots of other goodies,

become an Apprentice==>

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Your right...It is LHW. Thank for the reply. Hubby will run diagnostics tomorrow.

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Eurotrash Diagnostics:

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