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stinky dishwasher

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Hey all!

I have Whirlpool undercounter dishwasher, Model # DU960 PWKB1, purchased and installed in 2002. Today, for the first time ever there is a stinky (old bad lettuce, yuck) smell inside the d/w, I followed all the helpful ideas for cleaning various parts, and I noticed the smell was strongest at the float and poured bleach down the pipe the float rests on and suddenly realized that I was assuming it was an overflow pipe that would drain out through the waste water. Did I screw up or was this okay to do? :/ Thanks for any feedback on this!

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You mean you removed item 32 in this picture and poured bleach down there? *Gasp* As Kim Jung Il might say...


Nah, it probably ain't that bad. But it's probably not good having that bleach water in the float switch down there. And that water would've ended up on the floor underneath the dishwasher, behind the kickplates-- it doesn't drain out from there.

Remove the kickplates and clean it up. You might even find a dead mouse down there in advanced stages of stinkification. Here, kitty, kitty...


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