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Hello All,

I have a 2007 vintage above range microwave oven model number: LG - LMVM2075ST

For the last week I have seen an ever decreasing brightness of the front display when the door was closed.

The keybad is now inoperable to the point that it will only operate if Iclose the door and then open a smidge <2mm.

This to me would indicate a sensor/interlock, possibly a loose wire or at the very most a control board.

If anyone has any experience with this issue then please respond back with your best guess as to the issue.

I'm really trying to avoid a service call.



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The display dimming is probably due to leaky capacitors on the display control board-- would need to replace the control board if that's the case.

The jiggling the door to make the keypad work is probably gonna be a problem with the interlock switches. Got more help on that here==>

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Thanks for the reply, greatly appreciated.

Here is what I did:

1, removed top/front piece to get access to the ribbon cables that attach the door controls to the main unit

2, Reseated Ribbon Cables and volla we have lights and control.

3,nuked left over pizza for 30 seconds, mmm all is good.

Now, I still have some sections of the display that are faded or lit. the main clock/counter is still dim.

When the wife leaves for the day I will take a look at the control board and start poking around with my multimeter.

Do you have a schematic for the control board? That would help in determining which cap is leaking.

Ofcourse there may be bubbling on the Cap which will make it easy to identify.

Any additional thoughts please send my way



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Dim display may be caused by a bad (weak) Capacitor.

No wiring Diagram for the Control Board on that particular model,

but it would be one of the (few) bigger electrolytic Capacitors,

which would need to be checked with a Capacitor Tester,

and maybe removed from the circuit to do so.

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