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58WAV Carrier Weathermaker 8000

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My carrier weathermaker 8000 (58WAV) started acting up this morning. I have troubleshot it down to the inducer relay I believe. When I did the component test, the inducer motor didn't start, and it doesn't appear to have voltage.

How do I go about powering the inducer motor to make sure its working? Is it just shorting it to any 120v AC power source?

Also, is there something other than the relay or board that might be preventing the inducer motor from being powered?

Finally, I'm handy with a soldering iron, if its the relay can I just solder on a new one or is it new board time?

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An inducer motor can be tested by just powering it with any 110 volt power source.

I suggest just getting a new control board for your weathermaker 8000. The circuit boards on these heaters were kinda known for really hard to diagnose problems with the draft inducer/ draft inducer pressure switch circuit. I have replaced many of these boards over the years.

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Damn, that was kinda dumb on my part. The error code said flame rollout sensor, and I thought I ruled it out last night. I couldnt get a board on Sunday, so I figured I'd reflow some solder joints and test the relays. About four hours later, I couldnt find any issue, so I just figured I'd route juice to the inducer so I could at least babysit it until my house was a tolerable temp. Once I got everything back together, I started reading the trouble codes again and retested the rollout switch. Of course, it was stuck open which prevents the whole thing from working.

So, I jumpered the two wires together (bypassing the switch before the fuse) and BAM it was up and running again. So, I wont be able to run it while I sleep, but until then I'll be babysitting it so my house warms up some.

Moral of the story: If you did something after being awake for 24 hours, you should assume all of that work was worthless and start over after you get some sleep.

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Just so you know.... You are ok If the rollout switch just failed. Although that is **** SOMEWHAT UNLIKELY......

If a rollout switch or fusable link is open on a draft inducer type furnace, you very likely have a failed heat exchanger.

Take a look at the flames as the heater is fireing.... It should look like they are all being sucked into the tubes. If some of them are kinda floating around at the entrance to the tubes..... Bad news ...... You got a bad heat exchanger.confused.gif..

Good luck, hope it is a simple part failure...

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