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Who Are The Best VoIP Provders

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I just now replaced the phone technology for my home based business. I'd been making use of classic business phone lines and spending money on an enormous expenses month after month.

I wasnt securing enough money monthly to maintain my phone on some months, so i wanted a brand new answer. I initiated trying to find a brand new sloution on the net.

I heard considerably regarding Voip as well as beginning looking into it. I found a site called The Top 10 Best VoIP which ranked the best 10 VoIP providers.

The site was easy to read and understand. It was really helpful for me. I ended up reducing my phone bill from $75 a month with Cox, about 10 bucks with!

I just wanted to share my story with you because if anyone on here is looking to reduce costs for their business or even just home phone, I recommend checking out the and checking out there list of the Best VoIP Providers .

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they don't mention

hardware cost: about $ 200 - $ 250

Older hardware: NO monthly fees / FREE long distance

Newer hardware NO monthly fees / FREE long distance, but must pay state fees/taxes (about $4 month)

Premium Service $10 / month = seconds line, other features, etc ..

stated: not for businesses (supposed limit: 5000 minutes per month)

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