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Fisher & Paykel Ecosmart washer GWL11 wont drain

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My Fisher & Paykel Ecosmart washer (Model GWL11) didn't start washing clothes normally today. The basin on a medium load filled with water but instead of washing the clothes it just made a humming noise. I came back 20 minutes later and the machine was beeping - consistently and slowly - and the basin had not emptied. I moved some clothes around in the water - plenty of room - and nothing changed. I unplugged it and waited 60 seconds and plugged it back in. Beeping again and Wash, Rinse & Spin LEDs are lit. Unit is currently unplugged and full of water. Interestingly a couple weeks ago I noticed a little water omn the floor, but that could have been due to an over filled tub - too many clothes.

I've read a lot about the diverter valve but I'm not sure if it's that, the pump, or the spinning cycle not engaging. I thought I'd post here and then try the diagnostics process if I didn't hear back, but I'm not totally confident in my "technician/repairman" skills.


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... Wash, Rinse & Spin LEDs are lit.

which lights ?


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if the diverter valve is broken you will see it. Look under the machine and it will be physically broken.

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Thanks for responding! I don't have the same wording above the loghts on my front panel. The "Wash Progress" light scheme I have does have 8 LED's ights but only 3 have words below the LEDs - the green Wash (3rd LED), orange Rinse (6th LED), red Spin (8th LED) and all 3 are illuminated. The other 5 LEDs amongst the 8 are not lit currently and seem like they just help you determine progress thru the entire cycle.

It had been 24 hours so I plugged in the power cord again, advanced everything to the Rinse cycle, but just the low hum occured again - a sound similar but just 10% as loud as the normal drain and spin noise. No water draining. Basin is still full and after 10 minutes the machine stops and gives a constant beeping sound so I unplugged the power cord again. I tried the same thing again but this time advanced everything to the Spin cycle, but just get the similar 10% as loud as the normal spin noise. Tiny bit of water will spit out of the hose every 15-20 seconds but it's not impacting the full basin. I paused and then turned off the machine expecting the same constant beeping sound after 10 minutes. It just seems like the machine can't release the water following the rinse cycle so the drain and spin process occurs at 10% the normal rate because the basin is full of heavy water.

I figured out you could be alerted to replies so I will now know when someone responds - THANKS AGAIN!

The basin is full of water so I can't look under just yet. I will do that as soon as I empty the water - by hand if necessary.

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... the green Wash (3rd LED), orange Rinse (6th LED), red Spin (8th LED) and all 3 are illuminated.

32 + 4 + 1 = 37

from the F&P Washer service manual:

37. (001 001 01) Phase 1 to 6 ·

Pump Blocked Error (No Change in the Water Level)

While draining, the water level reading from the pressure sensor has not changed for over 3 minutes.

There are three likely reasons for this fault.

One is that the drain hose or the pressure switch hose has been squashed or kinked and the pump out rate has been dramatically reduced.

The second possibility is that the pump is partially or fully blocked.

The third is that the pump is not operating due to Motor Control Module, wiring or pump failure.

This fault could also appear if the SmartDrive is pumping to an unusually high head of drain hose or into an extended length of drain hose.

The fourth possibility is a diverter valve fault or blockage.

The water level is not altering as the diverter is stuck in the recirculation mode, giving the module the appearance the pump is not lowering the water level.

Primary Source: Pump System.

Action: 1. Check that the drain hose has not been kinked.

2. Check the length of the drain hose and try to reduce the length if excessively long.

A 1 metre extension hose of the same diameter fitted to the existing drain hose is the maximum allowable length.

3. Check for open circuit windings in the pump.

(Note: Pumps are fitted with a thermal cut-out that will reset on cooling.)

4. If the bowl is empty of water, remove the pump from the pump housing and check that it is not blocked.

Also check the drain hose is not blocked.

5. If the bowl contains water, then service the pump from the top of the SmartDrive by removing the top deck and inner bowl.

Bail out the water, remove the pump cap and hood and clear the restriction.

Secondary Source: Wiring.

Action: 1. Check the pump harness IS connected correctly to the pump.

2. Check continuity of the pump harness.

Tertiary Source: Motor Control Module.

Action: Activate the pump by operating the SmartDrive in spin mode.

Check the pump is rotating.

If it is not operating, and Primary and Secondary checks have been performed, then replace the Motor Control Module.

Note: Consider fitting Pump Hood Kit (Technical Bulletin WM013). If 5kg SmartDrive, fit splash guard to pump.

Quaternary Source: Diverter Valve failure (Phase 5 and 6 Eco's).

Action: Check the diverter valve, see fault code 51.

For manuals and lots of other goodies,

become an Apprentice==> http://appliantology.org/apprentice/

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You were all very helpful - THANKS! I tried to buy parts using your service but you don't sell Fisher & Paykel parts. I called www.fisherpaykelparts.net at 877-616-7278 (spoke to Greg). He was also very helpful and walked me thru the diagnostics.

I had drained the tub last night with a siphon hose. By pouring the water (out of a collection tub) into the laundry sink I noticed a lot of suds so the machine had not removed the water from the original wash cycle = Rinse cycle had not begun.

I went through the Diagnostics with Greg because water was not draining so I needed to first eliminate the pump as the problem. Here are the steps I took:

1. push Water Temp down and Power button at the same time (listen for 2 beeps)

2. push Water Temp down to see if water will go into basin (so it touches agitator)

3. push Regular button to drain water (if no draining and it just hums, water pump is eiter obstructed, or shorted out due to rust/corrosion)

4. pull machine out from wall 10 inches

5. tilt machine against wall and put paint can below left front corner (for safety reasons) to hold off ground

6. inspect pump below lower right side with a flash light.

7. Mine had a paper towel wrapped around the fan (put there last week to soak up water on the floor…)

8. Clean off any debris or anything that could plug fan blade (I took a tooth brush and wiped away any dust.)

9. push Water Temp down and Power button at the same time (listen for 2 beeps)

10. push Water Temp down to see if water will go into basin (so it touches agitator)

11. push Regular button to drain water (if it works then pump is not the problem)

12. push Power button once you see pump is working or it will run pump forever.

Thru this forum and the F&P parts site I saved a service call. Very helpful - THANKS!

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