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Frigidaire FEF366DCE range

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Greetings, Superior One!

Frigidaire FEF366DCE is taunting my best friend. The range works, the clock works...but the oven and broiler and cleaner simultaneously refused to help her feed her family. She has learned to grill pizza on a charcoal hibachi. Please oh wise one - where to start?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

... the oven and broiler and cleaner simultaneously

may now be a bad Controller ...

“My Rules”:

Rule #1) Don't ever use Self-Clean on any Oven.

Rule #2) If you're thinking about using Self-Clean, see rule #1.

Self-Clean uses nearly 1000F for 3 hours or more. burnin.gif

That can wreak havoc on Electronic Controllers and Connections.



For service manuals and lots of other goodies,

become an Apprentice==>

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To remove the control panel:

1. Disconnect power from the range.

2. Remove the back panel from the backguard.

3. Remove the knobs.

4. Disconnect the infinite switches or potentiometer and user interface boards from the control panel.

5. Disconnect the electronic oven control.

6. Disconnect the indicator light and the oven light switch.

7. Remove two square drive screws from the back top corners.

8. Remove two phillips screws, one in each corner of lower front.

Roll the bottom of the control panel out and lift up.

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If I remember right, just pull the range out from the wall, unplug the unit, remove about 7 screws ( number 1 roberts drive ), remove the back panel....Remove the four screws holding the old O.C.U. ( oven control unit ) install the new O.C.U......install the wires from the old controller onto the new controller.......Reassemble, plug back in, test :thumbsup:............... BUT, have done some voltage checks for A.C. volts out to the elements??? >>>>>TEST with power connected and in the bake or broil on<<<<<<<< I.E 120 volts A.C at the L2 out terminal ( with the wire disconnected, protect the terminal from shorting against anything ) YES/NO ??? P.S do not know how to post the wire diagram....P.P.S cannot find your exact model number, used FEF336 B CE.....

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