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Maytag Performa is "dead"

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Just got the call from my mother. Her washer "died" on her. I won't be able to get over there right away, but was hoping to get some idea of where to start looking when I do. Here're the symptoms:

Model: Performa PAV2200AWW

Ran fine for two loads this morning. Then on the third load, it ran the wash cycle with no problem; spun, drained, and filled up with rinse water. Then when it tried to start agitating for the rinse cycle, she said it made a "grinding" noise, but never actually started agitating, then it stopped. She said she smelled something. When I asked if it smelled like electrical burning, she said it might have.

Now the unit will not come on at all. She can turn the knob to different cycles and try to run it but nothing happens. There are no noises or smells. It simply won't come on. I had her check for a blown breaker. All's fine there though.

So I'll probably get over there just in time to enjoy a Sunday evening fighting an evil washing machine. Any thoughts before I head to battle?

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EDIT: I just got an updated phone call from her. Apparently it WILL turn on (at least for a spin cycle). Earlier when testing if it would kick on for a spin cycle, she didn't have the lid closed...<sigh> Anyway, she hasn't tried testing a new load or if it will agitate. I'm going to assume it will exhibit the same issues as before.

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