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Pilot goes out randomly

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I have a State Industries PR640NOLS water heater using a 37C73U 640 gas valve

The pilot lights up. Only takes about 5 seconds for it to stick.

The flame and pilot on this unit shuts off randomly. I have seen it go off after about 1 minute, and another time is was on for > 30 minutes

I tried turning the control to full, and then down to low, and the pilot remained on.

We recently purchased the house, so I don't have any history on this heaters behavior.

As a quick fix, since I already had the burner out, I did replace the thermal coupling, but no help.

Next step is to replace the gas valve, but I want to check first if there was something else I needed to do


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If this is a propane unit, check your inlet pressure.

Check for obstruction in the pilot tube. Make sure everything is nice and clean.

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this is Natural Gas, not propane

I took the burner assy out and it was clean. I also confirmed no issues with exhaust.

My new gas valve will arrive today and I will install tomorrow. Hopefully that will resolve the issue

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