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Kenmore/whirlpool oven 66575842004

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This unit uses a separate inline valve solenoid to let gas through to the cooktop of the range. There seems to be low voltage to this solenoid when the spark ignition is initiated but the gas does not make it past the solenoid. So I have deemed this a bad solenoid. I noticed that the original solenoid has been subed out with this part number 8184768 which appears to be a 120v solenoid. This has me doubting myself that it may be something else. The only thing I can think of is the relay (9752759) that feeds the voltage to the solenoid. I guess I should have tried using my cheater cord to open the original solenoid. Any advice on this one guys would be much appreciated. Thanks


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

There seems to be low voltage to this solenoid

How low ??? should be within 10 percent (108-132 volts)

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I assume you know this is a safety stays open all the time,not just when you turn on a top burner...

Unplug the unit and then replug...look at the scrolling message on the oven will ask you to make sure all the burner valves are off and if so to press start or cancel...this will or should open the solenoid supplying gas to the top burners.

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KurtiusInterupptus you were right about this safety valve. I was only getting about 10v ac to it when I attempted to turn on any of the burners otherwise no voltage. I was getting the clicks but no gas. The display was not telling me how to unlock. It was just saying PF and I just hit the cancel button and it went away. Since this didn't deactivate the lockout feature and later the owner figured it out I feel like a total SAP. Couldn't charge anything for this misdiagnosis.

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The real solution was listed in the tech sheet provided below by RegUS_PatOff



A normally closed (N.C.) electrical solenoid

is located on the back of the range that will

provide a means of shutting off the gas

supply to the cooktop burners. This 120-volt

solenoid is connected across the L1 and

Neutral sides of the line and controlled by a

relay on the microcomputer board. See

Strip Circuit, page 3.

The solenoid is held open to allow gas to

flow to the cooktop burners. If a customer

wants to “Lockout” the operation of the

cooktop burners, they can hold down the

TOP/TOP LIGHT keypad on the control

panel for 5 seconds. See Use and Care


This will open the relay and disconnect the

electrical supply to the solenoid. Once the

electrical supply is disconnected from the

solenoid, the solenoid will close and stop

gas flow to the cooktop. In the event of a

power outage, the gas supply to the

cooktop burners will be shut off.

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Thanks for posting that...obviously the same system as the couple of units I have seen, only not as fancy.

Imho...I am all for safety but damn....the genius's have engineered out the best thing about having a gas cooktop...being able to use the top during a power outage.

of course, we are all WAY to stupid to be trusted with such awesome power.

thank you mister regulator man for protecting me from my silly self...:-(

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