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Kenmore Stack Dryer Model #41794872302

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I've worked on many of these same models and never had this problem.

There was a space between the tub and the front panel that was catching

clothes and leaving marks on them.

I know, you've all seen this before.

Well, I changed the upper and lower felt strips like many times before and reassembled

the dryer.

The customer called me back today and said clothes are still getting stuck between

the tub and front panel and damaging them.

I rechecked the unit to find when I put the front panel back on, the tub actually

jumps over the felt on the top and causes the gap at the bottom.

It's as if the tub is riding too far forward.

Is this possible??

Can the back wall bow in toward the front causing this condition??

Like I said, I've never encountered this before.

I'm hoping someone out there has.

Thanks in advance,

Bruce in L.A.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

When you say it jumps over the felt, what do you mean by that? Like twice every revolution of the drum you hear or see the drum bounce up as it cross the area where the felt upper glide and lower front drum seal meet?

If the latter then check for buttons or zipper pieces or other debris caught at either side of the glide felt where it meets the lower felt drum seal. Things get caught there then cause the drum to bounce/jump each time either of the two gaps in the two nylon drum glides come over the obstruction.

Also make sure none of the mounting tabs for the two nylon drum glides are not broken letting the glides grab clothing or causing the drum to go out of alignment as it goes over the glide felt.

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No...the front lip of the drum instead of resting on the top felt, it goes past the felt and rides

behind the felt.

I know it's hard to get, but imagine the drum was a 1/2 inch larger measuring from back to front

than it should be.

The front lip would protrude a 1/2 inch toward the front panel more than it should, causing the lip

of the drum to rest beyond the felt strip.

That's what's happening.

Anybody seen this???


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Never seen that and the only things I can think of that would cause that is: the back smashed in, the rear nylon bearing support loose, drum ball hitch on back of drum loose or front smashed in.

How about some pictures? Did you notice if it looked OK before you took it apart?

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