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Sharp Portable A/C Model CV-P13PX

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I've had this thing barely two years and the fan noise has become unbearable. I bought this only because the shack in which I was living had unusually sized casement windows and a window a/c would not fit.

Does anyone have the service manual? I have the owner's manual.

I would appreciate any advice...

I finally got so fed up that I removed the plastic a/c case, which was pretty easy, just remove a few screws here and there. But lo and behold, the fan is still unviewable and inaccessible (to me) because it is in a compact encasement covered with some kind of rubbery tape at the top of the a/c unit.

The fan sounds unbalanced or as if it is striking against something. Interesting enough, when I slightly press down on top of the fan housing, it reduces the amount of noise it makes. I currently have a weight sitting on it, but I can't leave the a/c exposed and running like this.

Anyhow, any information on this type of portable a/c unit and this problem would be appreciated.

Thank you all...

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The most likely problem is a loose hub. I cannot find parts in my area for these dudes and almost always the motors shafts size is oddball so even generic blades won't do.

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parts diagram for the CVP12LX


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Thanks so much for the above diagram, though it's a little challenging to "read" and identify parts.

Nevertheless, I was uncomfortable running the a/c exposed so I decided to put the plastic casing back on the unit. I placed some folded material (anti-slip rug padding) on top of the fan/and whatever else is in there housing so that the a/c case would put some pressure on it (not a lot of pressure just a little) when I screwed it back on.

So far this seems to have done the trick. The fan rattles no more at this point. It's running quieter than it ever has. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Strange, but true.

Thanks for all your help.

PS: For what it's worth, unless you have desperate and unusual circumstances, as I had...I would NEVER recommend this kind of a/c unit...it was expensive, it's bulky, it's not energy efficient, and is not as portable as the ads would have you believe. I recently bought a 5000 BTU window a/c (GE brand) for a smaller bedroom (about 2/3 the size of mine) and I was amazed at how quiet, fast-cooling, and efficient it is and it only cost $99.00. And I have been living with 100+ daily temps for almost five months now...:yucky:

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