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Budget Appliance Repair

GE Dishwasher Mod# GSD3900L00BB

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Budget Appliance Repair

Anyone have the mini-manual/wiring diagram for this Dishwasher? Also an actual service manual?

I'm sure I've got a bad control, I have 120 volts going into control on White & Black wires and when door switch is activated I also have the 120 volts to the White & Black/White wires feeding the control but nothing lights up when buttons are pressed. No obvious burnt spots on board have 120 volts at the transformer on the board and 12 Volts coming out of the transformer.

GE Mod# GSD3900L00BB

Ser# TH917325B



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Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Service modes and mini-manual PMed. :thumbsup:

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Budget Appliance Repair

Thanks for the mini-manual sheet and service manual.

The mini-manual appears be correct and the number matches the parts site that said 31-30455 was part # for mini-manual.

Appears I will have to go back and check before just ordering a control board, (this is one of the GE's that may have that transorb voltage spike suppressor that could be shorted and maybe blew out controller).

The mini-manual wiring diagram shows the transorb on the water valve circuit.

The service manual you sent seems to be for this style of dishwasher but doesn't mention anything about the transorb and doesn't show the transorb on any of the wiring diagrams. Also this manual doesn't seem to cover the GSD3900L unit, it has everything around that model but not that one particular model, do you know what would be up with that?

Here's the models the manual says it covers:

GSD2200/2600/2800 Series

• GSD2000/3000/4000Z Series (#31-9004)

• GSD4200/4400/4900X Series (#31-3281)

• GSD5100/5300/5600/5900 Series (#31-9035)

• EDW4000/4060 Series (#31-9085)

• GSD6200/6300/6600/6660/6700 Series (#31-9085)

• PDW7300/7700/7800/7880 Series (#31-9085)

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here's some info.

also: Service Bulletin GE TRITON XL DISHWASHERS




Transorb kit

*Shorted Transorb will likely damage the main electronic control board.

click on picture


seems to be a 1.5KE220CA Bi-directional TVS Diode

(about $1)

1500w peak 220v C = bi-directional


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Budget Appliance Repair

Thanks for that info RegUS, but I already had that. When I received the mini-manual and saw the transorb symbol on the diagram it brought back the memories of seeing that all before so did a search for GE Transorb and found all that info.

I don't see many electronic control GE models around my area so had never ran into this personally and there was no wiring diagram so didn't even think to check the water valve system, (actually there was a tech sheet, but it was from a Whirlpool, this customer had bought this machine used from another appliance service company that sold it to them used and I was told it never worked right when they installed it and the company had been sold to someone else since, so they wouldn't do anything for them).

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