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Subzero 642 - freezer door gasket & freezer evap fan motor

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From what I have been able to gather from combing the forums, the different 600 series are broken by model number as follows:

600-1 Prior to Serial #1810000

600-1 Addendum For units starting with serial #1810000

600-2 Built-In Approximate Starting Serial #2127000

600-3 Built-In Starting Serial #2600000

My serial number is p1872869 which would put me right in the middle of the 600-1 Addendum range of serial numbers.

Unfortunately when I go check the parts list for the freezer door gasket in the 600 Addendum I see:

Ref# 23:

3211670 Door Gasket, Fre (See SN Breaks)

3212190 Door Gasket, Fre (See SN Breaks)

I would have guessed that since Subzero made the blessed thing they would KNOW the serial number cutoff for the freezer gasket and actually print it in the parts list.

So, first question... Does anyone know which gasket would fit my SN or could someone tell me a way to determine which gasket that I have.

Second question... My freezer evaporator fan has gotten quite loud, as shown by the sweet silence after I open the door when the fan is running, and jet turbine after the door is closed again. I am assuming that this is the evap fan motor, which seems to be a VERY common failure. My parts list says that it is part number 4200160. After looking around it seems that this part is listed as discontinued all over the place. Is it truly discontinued or has the new subzero parts policy listed on just made it "unavailable" to all the usual internet vendors? As this seems to be such a common failure it would worry me if the part was truly no longer made for a fridge that is technically still under sealed system warranty. Are there any current sources for this part for the DIY'er?

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