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GWL11 - FisherPaykel - Pump and now no power

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So I have an older GWL11, using the diagnostics I found that the pump was blocked or had a problem. This is the scenario, the pump would drain part of the load, but then stop, and a bad smell. This was reproduced in the diagnostics mode, where the pump would work for a while then stop pumping and smell. So I removed the pump and found a nice potential blockage (hairpin)

Now the problem is when I put it back together no power, zip, nada. My fear is that the pump shorted the main board out. However, I'm not sure if there is any way for me to test the main board since it doesn't appear to power up. Yes the plug has power. I opened it up and didn't spot a fuse, any idea if this has a user replaceable fuse?

Repair went from a 90 pump to a 90 pump plus a 150 board. Not the greatest design. . . (vent over)

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If the board is dead, then the board is dead ... that's about it.

There is a fuse on the board. Soldered, not intended to be field-replaceable, also on the premise that if the fuse blows then some other components on the board may be damaged. However, I've run across a couple enterprising individuals who tried replacing the blown fuse. One apparently was successful. The other had further problems ... maybe, maybe not related to the board.

It's crucial on these machines to NOT ignore or futz with pump problems, give them immediate attention.

Also to note ... my GWL08, 12-years-old, just now developed a leaky pump. My IWL12, exactly 1 month shy of 7 years (same vintage as your GW11) is as yet running the original pump.

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