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JennAir F1 code on halloween (spooked...comes and goes)

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now I'm getting really Samurai mad!

My JennAir wall oven (W131B series 13) was doing the infamous F1 code beeping.

So....I followed your excellent advice here and unplugged the ribbon cable between the membrane switch and the clock boards. The F1 stopped.

So, I ordered the new membrane panel. It arrived in a couple of weeks and the F1 code NEVER re-appeared in the 2 weeks while waiting for the part and NEVER re-appeared in the past 2 weeks since I received the part.

So....I was ready to return the part, when the damned F1 beep came back.

Now, I've used the oven intermittentely in the past month and have run a cleaning cycle once. The power did fail the other day, so please tell me that I should indeed proceed with replacing the membrane panel.

This is spooky!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Your TP (Membrane, glass panel, etc.) is damaged. The code will start to come back more and more frequently. I have consumers who have put up with the code for months at a time before they broke down and let me install the part. The choice is up to you. You know how Murphy's law is. You return it, the price will go up or they will sell the last one and the part will me no longer available. You hold on to it, it will never do it. The part is bad and the code will come back 

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