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Holiday gas range low flame (model number went with old grease)

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I just purchased a house that had a very dirty Holiday gas freestanding range, probably from the 70's or 80's. I cleaned it thoroughly, so thoroughly that the model number disappeared with the caked grease. The tag is now blank :( I attach a picture, maybe somebody can identify it?

The burners and oven light from a pilot flame, and they all work, with a nice but small blue flame.

The issue is that when one burner is on and I turn on another one, the flames on the first one become very small. The flame on the second one are very small as well. In addition, each burner lights from the pilot without problem, but only one at a time. When one is on, a second one will not light from the pilot, but it will with an old fashioned match.

When more than one burner is lit, all the burners reduce to a level that is not sufficient to boil water.

What could be the issue and how can I fix it? Could the supply line be clogged? It it is the case, how can I clean it?

I welcome all ideas and suggestions.


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Could be dicey without knowing the model or history of the range - you don't mention what kind of gas you are using (LP or Nat) - You will want to make sure all valves in the supply line are fully open and no kinked flexhose

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