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King of Fools

Ice Maker thinks it is Glacier Maker instead

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Ok, this issue has been ongoing for about three months. First, the details:

GE Side-by-Side Fridge, Model: TFX25JPCC WW

*This model does have the water filter inside the fridge.

Ice Maker does a great job making ice. However, after a fill, some water must remain in the fill tube where it freezes. Once it becomes fully clogged, the tube is forced out of the inlet at the back of the freezer and we get ice flows down the back of the fridge, filling the bottom and eventually out into the kitchen. (I have dealt with the issue up to now by trying to remember to regularly clean out the fill tube. I lost my honor by neglecting this duty during a particularly busy week and was forced to spend my morning laboring in Siberia.)

The valve and control board appear to work just fine - the water flows at the right time and the tray never overfills. From what I've read here, it sounds like the valve might not be closing all the way and leaking very slowly.

I like to pretend I'm handy and would gladly replace the valve (assuming that is the issue I am facing). However, I am having difficulty determining which valve to replace. The schematic I'm looking at shows two different valves: PS304353 (marked as 795) and PS304349 (marked as 799). It does not show tubing so it is difficult to tell which one to replace without exploratory surgery prior to ordering the part.

*There is also a valve assembly: PS303179 (labeled as 798) which appears to be both valves. The price of this assembly makes me think that it is does not include both valves. (If it did, that would be a nice solution!)

Any assistance as far as diagnosis and part differentiation would be much appreciated.

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This is one of my favorite techniques for clearing frozen fill tubes.


Click for larger view.[/align]

[align=left]But, if that's not an option for you, you should investigate whether or not your model has a modified fill tube available that addresses this problem.  Click here and look up your refrigerator my model number.  [/align]

[align=left]Finally, there's the possibility you mentioned of your water inlet valve "weeping."  This would be deduced by analyzing the surrounding factors.[/align]

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