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Maytag MAH5500BWW s/n 74919775ZZ

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MichaelC - I have same problem but cannot find the control board under that part number. Can you tell me where you got the board and the correct number?

Thank you.



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Offline spacer.gif Hello!

I read the thread at:

<a href=""'>" target="_blank">

and it was very helpful, but some of the parts in my machine appear to be different, so I can't Ohm out my motor using the same directions, I would appreciate any insight.

The basics:

Model MAH5500BWW

S/N 7491044524

I'm also getting the LR (locked rotor) indicator on the LED panel.

I took the machine apart and noticed that the tub drive pulley was a little loose, which caused the belt to track towards the inside and rub against the drum. I removed the bolt and insterted a flat washer beneath the lock washer and tightened. This took the slop out of the pulley, and the belt tracked correctly,so I thought I was done. No such luck, still getting LR.

I want to Ohm out my motor to see if I need a controller, motor, or both, but my connections are different than in the previous thread. First, it appears that the wires are all soldered to the controller board (no connector to unplug to test), second, the colors don't match those in the previous post, mine are:

Blue - White - Orange - Yellow - Red - Black

Finally, last tidbit, here's some info from my controller board:

Part # 62722460

Model number AA20630

Any help is appreciated!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Maytag MAH5500BWW s/n 74919775ZZ

c.2002 series 74 "older" Motor & Controller

Motor Windings Check

1 . Disconnect power to the unit.

2 . Remove each pair of phase wires from the motor control and perform an ohm check of each wire leading to the motor.

Each wire pair should show 2-3 ohms resistance.

2 . There should be no continuity between any of the terminals and the frame of the motor.

3 . Check that all six motor terminals are secure and at the same height in the connector housing.

Replace motor if terminals are pressed into the motor.

4. Remount the six-position motor connector onto the motor.

Reassemble the drip shield cover onto the motor control.

5 . Reposition the motor control into the washer when finished.

Make sure the two screws and the twistlock wire ties are fastened properly to the wire harness.

Service Bulletin


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