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Kenmore Gas Dryer 110.73942101 intermittent heat

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I have a Kenmore Gas Dryer 110.73942101 which appears to be heating intermittently. It will sometimes start the cycle with heat and then part way through the cycle stop heating. Other times it starts the cycle without heat and then I'm not sure if the heat ever comes on.

I opened the bottom front panel door and it looks like the heating/ignition element can be slow to come on, and then mid-cycle it goes off again. Perhaps some of this is normal and expected as it regulates the temperature, but my clothes are ending up cold and damp at the end of most cycles.

Could the heating element, ignition, or thermostat be going bad?

Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.



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The glow Ignitor is only used to light the Gas Flame.

Once the Flame is lit , the Ignitor will no longer glow.

When the temperature requires the Flame again, the Ignitor should glow again.

Does it glow again ?

For how long ?

Does the Flame then appear ?

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Try running the dryer with the vent disconnected and see if the burner behavior changes. If it does, then we have a venting (air flow) problem. If not, then...

Flakey gas valve coils can behave like this. Common replacement part, inexpensive and easy to replace, too ==> Gas Valve Solenoid Set

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