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Yet another Duet Sport HT WFW8400TW00 that won't drain

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When running any cycle washer doesn't drain and returns F21

When I run just "Drain and Spin" cycle I notice pump engages immediately (should it?) but doesn't drain anything.

I searched the forum and followed what I found here and others have tried:

Large Items trap has been cleared... $1.06 in coins, some hair ties, some twist ties, some broken glass (don't ask), and not a small amount of the usual "black crud"

Hoses have been checked for blockage... poured water down the hose and watched it come out of the opened pump housing

Pressure Switch has been reset

Pressure Switch hose was checked for blockage (I was able to blow into it)

Pump motor has been taken off, verified not blocked (or otherwise bound)

When I start the "Drain and Spin" cycle with the motor pulled out the pump blades spin. When I put the motor back in and start the "Drain and Spin" the pump blades still spin. When i close up the pump and turn the water back on, as far as I can tell the pump blades are spinning (vibration in the motor housing feels the same) and I can squish the hose from the drum and feel the water in it but none of it seems to make it up the hose.

One time during this testing I poured about half a gallon of water down the drain hose (trying to "kick start" it sort of...) and it didn't drain that either until near the end of the cycle when the pump seemed to suddenly kick into over-drive and did actually drain. After that I tried to run another normal load and back to F-22.

So I think I've narrowed it down to either the pressure switch or the pump needing to be replaced... how do I figure out which one is the real problem?

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Could be some debris causing a partial blockage in hose, otherwise you got a stripped pump impeller that slips under load (twist ties/broken glass) - remove drain hose and look through it or smack it on some concrete








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