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Bosch Dishwasher still won't drain, SHE44C02UC/22

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Good day.

Let me start with the fact that here in northern New Mexico we seem to be experiencing the occasional electrical power line "blip", I think we have had up to 7 in one day. I only mention this as it might be gerund to the following discussion as the dishwasher is equipped with an electronic control module and exhibits a peculiar trend.

My dishwasher is about 5 years or so old (came with house but was supposed to have been newly installed) and until recently worked very well. Then we noticed that it wouldn't drain although the cycle clock was counting down. When it should be draining I can hear a light click but nothing else.

The peculiar behavior is that if I turn it off, drain it by hand and then leave it for several days and then turn off the power circuit for a long count of ten and then with the power still off push the on/off button several times on the dishwasher to drain any residual current that upon restoring power and starting a new cycle, it drains! It drains on start up, then fills and goes on with the cycle but it doesn't finish and won't do final drain. Actually I don't know if it does any of the other drains in the cycle other than the first one.

I have checked the pump impeller and it is clean and clear.

I have checked the hose and the vacuum break assembly in case of blockage. Also, it does drain at the outset of the cycle and does so successfully so neither of those is a likely suspect.

I would like a service manual for this please (newly purchased apprenticeship status) and whatever advice you can give me to solve this really annoying issue.

I don't know if there is a water level sensor in this unit or if that may be part of the problem.

With this peculiar behavior and the not infrequent power outages am I looking at a partially fried control board?

I do wish to fix this dishwasher. It is in otherwise good condition and I would really hate to shell out for a new one right now.



New Mexico

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