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GE Profile PSS26MSTD SS Dispenser

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I was previously unaware of this board and found it while searching for some troubleshooting tips for my fridge. The board is great and I found a lot of good info that I used in troubleshooting, but I have not found anything that resembles my particular issue, though. Thanks for taking the time to answer people's questions with what seems to be straightforward advice and solution options. I have a GE Profile fridge (PSS26MSTD SS)which has started acting strangely two days ago. The water dispenser will not work each time it is used and I have read the threads about filter plugging and water line freezing potential, but I have ruled both of those causes out. What is also happening is that when the water dispenser is pushed, the power goes out on the door control panel (lights for dispenser mode and door alarm) for about two seconds and then they return on. The same thing occurs when the “Light” button is pushed on the door control panel. The night light in the dispense housing also does not come when there is this power loss. If the fan or compressor is running, it also shuts down when the dispenser or Light button is pushed. I can hear a relay activate when the dispenser/light button is depressed and again about two seconds later when the lights for dispenser mode and door alarm come back on. Other than this recent wierdness, the fridge has been working just fibe and it is about four years old. Any thoughts or should I get an exorcist to come over?

thanks for reading this, Jim

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... depending on the first (2) characters of the Fridge serial number

MotherBoard may be covered under a service bulletin

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