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Whirlpool dryer model WGD5900SW0 heats sometimes

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Mostly it doesn't heat.

I've checked the thermistor and thermostat behind the back panel, and of course there's continuity (because sometimes it does heat).

The igniter always glows for a minute, even when it fails to flame-on.

When it fails to light, the normal "click" is accompanied by a rattling type of noise, sounds like a solenoid not pulling in to me.

It seems to follow the "Roger Rabbit rule" for lighting -- only when it's funny. Such as when I have it all pulled apart to try and diagnose it.

Sounds like I should invest in a new set of coils, at the minimum. My question is whether I should go for the whole gas valve assembly -- is it probable that the failure is at least partly a mechanical one (wear, friction, rust, whatever) in the valve rather than solely a coil weakness. Is there an inspection or diagnostic that would answer that (short of buying only coils, then eating their cost when it turns out I needed the whole assembly).

Secondary question: since the dryer is 10 years old, should I replace the igniter while I'm at it, just because they do age. What is the expected lifetime of an igniter?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Yep, sounds like anudda case of bad gas valve coils. Very common repair. Easy and inexpensive, too.

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Thank you sensei and Host!

Since experience tells you that trouble with the mechanical parts of the valve assembly is unlikely, I will proceed with coils only.


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