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Working on a front load LG WM2487HWMA that when it completes a load the interior light stays on but the unit has to be unplugged and plugged back in before you can use the control panel again, the panel locks up completely, the machine does go thru the cycle but at the end of every cycle, again, the interior light stays on and unit has to be unplugged and plugged in to reset, Help!!

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Bob---you'll need to identify which BOARD is at fault (DISPLAY or MAIN)

Press & hold both the SPIN SPEED & SOIL LEVEL buttons

Press the POWER button---and release all 3 buttons

Wait for the door to lock (single click sound)-----if the door does *not* lock------replace MAIN BOARD.

Look at the Control Panel---if all of the lights are *not* on/illuminated---replace the DISPLAY BOARD.

Press the START/PAUSE button the following number times to continue testing...

1--Tumble CW & Drain Motor Runs

2--Low Speed Spin

3--High Speed Spin

4--PreWash Valve

5--Main Wash Valve

6--Hot Water Valve

7--Steam Valve

8--Bleach Valve

9--Tumble CCW

10-Heater 3 Seconds

11-Circulation Motor Runs

12-Drain Motor Runs

13-Water Level Sensor/Steam

14-Steam Heater Test

My opinion is that the MAIN BOARD has failed.

Also---you can rule out the DISPLAY BOARD by removing the front CONTROL PANEL...

Remove the DISPLAY BOARD---and then reconnect the plugs (of the DISPLAY BOARD)---plug in the washer and while holding the Board in your hand---press the POWER button microswitch to "turn on" the washer---and then press the START button microswitch numerous times to rule out an intermittent START switch on the DISPLAY board.

If the washer begins a cycle (starts) intermittently---failed DISPLAY BOARD (microswitch)

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Part link to the main control board ==> PC Board

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