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Speed Queen - How do I use F798002 Basket Puller Tool?

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I just joined this forum today and tried to search the answer for my question but couldn't find it.

So I'll just write this one even if it may be somewhere deep in the forums.

I'm trying to fix Speed Queen front loader, 30lbs.

I tried to put the basket back in but it won't go in completely.

So my question is....How do I use the F798002 basket puller tool?

I already looked it up online and know what it looks like, #5 below, but have no clue what to do with it.

If I know how to use it, I think I'll just make one myself because I don't want to pay $317 for such simple looking tool.


I'd appreciate it if someone could help me.

Thanks for reading.

(I can't believe they would charge over $500 for a simple pulley puller....what a ripoff)

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Why is the basket out? Bearing job? If so,are the bearings in correctly? If the bearings are OK you can cut a piece of pipe larger than the basket shaft. The length should be long enough to cover half the threads on the shaft. Put the pipe over the shaft,place a washer over the shaft. Use the pulley nut to tighten down on the pipe to pull it in place.

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I replaced the turnnion with a new one. I tried to put the basket back in but was having a hard time so I decided to pull the basket back out to see if there

is anything blocking but the basket didn't even budge this time.

I think I got the idea how I should tackle this. Thank you so much and happy Thanksgiving.

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